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Featuring Food Advocate: Robyn O’brien

Learn more about powerhouse food advocate Robyn O’brien as she shares her research with us. Continue reading

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Lebanese Squash with Spicy corn salsa

Start the grill. Right now. Ok, ok I’m being demanding but these were too good and I’m excited to share. I had the luxury of roaming around my dearest friend, Jules, garden a few days ago and it was beautiful. … Continue reading

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Money is Tight. Save a life.

I changed my views on eating meat 4 years ago. Instantly, I hear a big majority of you booing and shouting a chant of BACON!!! BACON!! in hopes that it will bring me back to the meat eater side. It won’t. My husband is still a ravenous carnivore and I’ll gladly cook his bacon without so much as a second thought to shoving a piece in my mouth. It just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.
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The Kind Diet – Alicia Silverstone

A few months ago I added this book, The Kind Diet to my Kindle and found myself completely buried in its pages. Surprisingly our girl Alicia Silverstone known so much for her role in Clueless isn’t so clueless. This is … Continue reading

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